Help with Smart Devices

01/24/2022 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Beaver Creek Adult Center

Are your Smart Devices smarter than you are? Well, help is on the way. FREE monthly class to answer questions and give instructions on how to use your devices. The instructor is Wendy Cook-Roberts. She has been doing a monthly class at the Camp Verde Library for over a year and has offered to also do one for us. Wendy is proficient with iPhones, Android devices, Chromebooks and most Windows computers. She says, “What I don’t know I can find out and I am not afraid to say, ‘let’s look that up’”.

Bonnie Best will also be available to help.

So bring your tablet, smartphone and/or laptop and get the help you need.  Please call the Center at 567-4556 if you have any questions.

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