Community Survey Results Nov 2020

In November we decided to ask the community to give us input on a survey. We analysed the results (see below) and the board is preparing for changes at the center. We are hoping the COVID restrictions will be lifted soon!

We analysed what people said they liked about the center:

Below are suggestions we received on the surveys. The board is reviewing these and deciding what we can offer in the future.

Suggestions — what would you like us to offer?
Discussion Group
Create a list to promote BCAC members who offer services in the community
Educational events, speakers and classes.  Other activities such as arts and crafts, other games, stuff for kids, social events, book clubs and other groups needing space, community potlucks with outdoor activities.   Perhaps a regular time when people who are struggling can access info on resources.  Rental of the space for family gatherings to generate income.  Keep the library!
1-2 Computer/phone use classes to bring us up to speed, Craft classes, exercise classes, book club reviews.  Many of these may be under your heading of “Creative Movement”, but thought I would include.  This all presupposes that we are able to meet again in larger groups. I also feel the Center should require masks and hand sanitizer when coming into the center….Card players included.
I would love to see kitchen used to feed more families in need, I would certainly donate time and help.
Like all the events the Center is doing.  So glad they have remained open during this time.  I hope to participate in more of their activities this year.  I have been so busy I have not been able to attend.  I think a recycle/re-use/re-purpose event would be great.  Maybe someone could have event or classes on how to re-purpose
Remodel the building two that larger groups (when feasible) can meet there. For example, we really don’t need the “library.” Almost no one uses it. If the book shelves were removed it would create a lot of extra space. A long table (that breaks up into smaller tables) and chairs would make it a great place for meetings. A wall that is collapsible (folding), could be pushed back to create an extra large room when needed. I’d also get rid of the “home-y” look. As nice as it it, if you want people to see it as a professional place to be taken seriously, it needs to look like one. Less furniture, or furniture that is stackable, foldable, etc, so that it can be put in storage. This will make the room available for exercise, dance classes, etc….
I would like to see a puzzle group started there
Healthy nutrition and healthy cooking
Potluck when Pandemic is over, Love the Jigsaw puzzle, Tai Chi, Christmas book exchange, Memoir writing group, Crafting Group – beginning instructions – simple projects: macrame, jewelry, crochet, knitting, embroidery, cross stitch
Chess/Checker Tournaments during daylight time
Would love to see a Fall Craft Show (or Spring time!)
1) Musical Concerts, 2) Art Class, 3) Potlucks, 4) Once a month breakfast, 5) Open discussions
I think things are going well! Thanks to all the host/hostesses!
I miss the rummage/bake sale and various other fund raisers but understand Pandemic restrictions. BCAC, as usual, is doing a fine job as a community resource. Thank you for your good work!
Basic Self-defense for women
Open 9 to 3 would be good, maybe checkers
Bingo, potlucks, musical offerings (dance, etc)
Bingo (daytime), musical events a few times a year starring local talent: singer, musician, comedian, etc.
Community Bulletin Board (like the one that used to be in LM Post Office)